Posted by: Szigami | May 16, 2008

Big bag

I have finished my new black-orange bag. I needed a big bag, because I always take a lot of necessary thing with, for example books, language excercise books etc. 🙂
It is called halloween-bag by my daughter, Kinga, because of its colors. 🙂

I made a tutorial with pictures how to make it, but it is hungarian. Even so you can have a look at it here, on my hungarian patchwork blog.



  1. Hi Ami!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments so that I could find my way here to visit you.
    Oh, how many wonderful projects you have on your blog! You are very talented and it looks like we share similar interests. I will be bookmarking your site so I can continue to visit you here.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks Ami for your comment on my blog. I love this bag. In fact, all of your work is so pretty and stylish. I’ll hop over to Ravelry and look you up.

  3. great bag and tutorial (who need words with such great pics)! I am the one of those who love big bags since I love having all of my things along with me!

  4. Hello, I’m Brazilian. My English isn’t perfect, but I mean that his work is extremely admirable. I like your crafts, congratulations!

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